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Happy Holidays

The following dates are legal holidays; therefore, the university will be closed:

         Christmas Eve Day and Christmas Day (Monday and Tuesday, December 24 and 25, 2007).

         New Year's Eve Day and New Year's Day (Monday, December 31, 2007 and Tuesday, January 1, 2008).

         Martin Luther King Day (January 21, 2008).

All Employees

What's New in Human Resources?

The Office of Human Resources is undergoing a major reorganization which includes changes in responsibilities as well as location changes.


         Kris Bremness (Classified Payroll and Benefits), Sue Pettis (Benefits Specialist), and Erika Kostner (Student Payroll) have moved to Schofield room 219 (across the hall from HR).

         Barb Hanson (Unclassified Human Resources Specialist) and Bonnie Clark (Unclassified Database Specialist) have joined the HR team and have relocated to Schofield 220.

         Sheila Whitley has joined the Human Resources team as an HR Assistant.  Before working in Records and Registration, Sheila was employed as an HR Assistant at Stanley prison and comes to us with ready experience and knowledge of the civil service system, classification, etc.  Sheila will be providing support to the UW HR Managers, Amy TeBeest and Mary Casey.

There will be additional moves within the HR office complex as we further define duties and responsibilities.


         Administrative and Professional Academic Staff contracting is now housed in Human Resources.  Questions regarding issues associated with academic staffing should be directed to Mary Casey, Academic Personnel Officer (36-4530), or Barb Hanson, Human Resources Specialist (36-5040).

         Worker's Compensation - Erika Kostner (in addition to her regular duties processing student payroll) will take over the responsibility of the Worker's Compensation program from UW HR Manager Amy TeBeest.  This will allow Amy more time to concentrate on classified staffing, classification, and employment relations.  Please contact Erika at 36-4068 for information on Worker's Compensation issues.

For a current listing of Human Resources staff, visit our Web site at

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Inclement Weather

With winter weather upon us, it's time to review UW-Eau Claire's practices in the event severe weather strikes.  When inclement weather threatens operations at UW-Eau Claire, the chancellor may close the university to the public or may cancel classes, but state employees will be expected to report to work.


Announcements will be made in the local media regarding canceling classes and/or closing the university to the public.  The chancellor will notify the local media of changes in university operations.  However, announcements by local media are advisory only. In response to local weather conditions, the chancellor may release employees. 


Employees covered by a labor agreement should check their respective bargaining agreements for specifics about excusing employees from work and related issues.


Beneficiary Information

It is very important to periodically review your beneficiary information.  If you are uncertain whom you have named as beneficiary, you may contact the insurance company and verify your benefit information.  Forms are available in the Human Resources office or at in the "Beneficiary Forms" section.

PERSONAL INFORMATION CHANGES:  If there are changes that need to be made to your personal data, e-mail HR Data Review.  Your information is important to us.  If you have any questions, please contact Diane Willer, e-mail willerdm or phone 36-6007.

W2 Statements

W2 statements will be mailed to all employees at the end of January 2008.  The statements will be sent to employees' permanent addresses.  Please verify that your permanent address is accurate to avoid any delay in receiving your statement.  Unclassified, classified, and limited term employees may check "My Human Resources" on Human Resources homepage  Students may check their personal information under their "My Blugold."

State Tax Withholding

UW-Eau Claire employees who are prepaying their 2008 State Tax Withholding will receive a document from the Wisconsin Department of Revenue.  This form must be forwarded to Human Resources no later than December 20, 2007 to assure that state tax will not be withheld from 2007 wages on the employee's first paycheck in 2008.


Paying Too Much State and Federal Taxes?

Consider taking advantage of pretax benefits by participating in a 403(b)Tax Shelter Annuity or 457(g) Wisconsin Deferred Compensation program.  Check out the TSA Investor newsletter! 


For more information on these supplemental retirement programs, please contact Barbara Bowers at 836-3871 or e-mail  You may also check HR's Web site under Benefits, Retirement and Savings.

The minimum contribution is $8.00 per bi-weekly pay check, or $20.00 per month.




Maximum (2008)


Over age 50 catch-up

$5,000.00 (additional)






Maximum (2008)


Over age 50 catch up

$5,000.00 (additional)




Catch-up based on 15 years of service

If you are eligible for the catch-up based on 15 years of service, you may also contribute $3,000.00 per year in addition to the above amounts.

For a list of participating vendors or for more information, visit the UW-TSA Web site at:

Health Insurance 2008 Information

If you changed health insurance plans for 2008 coverage, you will receive a health insurance card reflecting your new coverage.  You will also be receiving a new card from Navitus Health Solutions.  Please verify all information on both cards.  Any corrections must be reported to the appropriate vendor.


2007 Charitable Campaign

Make your caring count!

Through your support of United Way/SECC, you are making an investment that will continue to enhance our community’s quality of life.  Please support this year’s campaign to the extent you can.  If you have questions or have not received a packet, please contact Barbara Bowers, Campaign Coordinator, at 36-3871 or e-mail bowersba.


Classified Staff News

Compensatory Time

Non-represented, WSEU represented, craftsworker, health care, and engineering employees.  Compensatory time earned as a result of overtime or working on a holiday during 2007 will automatically carry over into 2008.  The hours carried over must be used by April 30, 2008 or they will be paid off at the employee's April 30, 2008 rate of pay.

Employees represented by WPEC and Science unions have until June 30, 2008 to use carryover comp time.  Comp time not used by that date will be paid off at the June 30, 2008 hourly rate.  If you have questions, contact Kris Bremness at 36-5389.

Carryover of Unused Vacation

Employees represented by WSEU are allowed by contract to carry over up to 16 hours of vacation without requesting approval.  If the employee wishes to carry over more than 16 hours, but less than 40 hours, the supervisor must approve the carryover either verbally or in writing.  Payroll does not need to see these approvals.  If the employee wishes to carry over more than 40 hours, the request must be in writing, approved by the supervisor, then submitted to Donna Weber for approval.  Any vacation carried over must be used prior to June 30, 2008 or it is lost.  Letters requesting approval of more than 40 hours of carryover must be submitted to Human Resources prior to December 30, 2007. 

Employees not represented by WSEU need supervisor approval for carryover of up to 40 hours, plus approval by the Director of Human Resources for carryover of more than 40 hours.  NOTEPersonal holidays may not be carried over into 2008.


Unclassified Staff News

Paycheck Distribution

Because of tax implications, the January 1, 2008 paychecks cannot be distributed prior to January 1.  Electronic deposits will be in employees' accounts on Wednesday, January 2, 2008.



Social Security Taxable Wage

The Social Security taxable wage base will be $102,000 next year, which is up from the current figure of $97,500.  The Social Security tax rate (6.2%) will remain the same.  There will be no maximum income ceiling for Medicare taxes.  The Medicare tax rate (1.45%) will apply to all earned income.  The combined tax rate for Social Security and Medicare will remain unchanged at 7.65%.


 Unclassified Leave Statements/Reports

Unclassified Leave Statements are distributed early each month.  In order to comply with the requirements of Unclassified Personnel Guideline #10 (Section 10.10), all unclassified employees who are eligible for retirement contribution must submit a leave statement each month reporting any paid leave time they have used (sick leave, vacation, etc.) Even if there was no paid leave time used, according to UPG 10, the statement must be completed, signed by the employee's supervisor, and submitted to Human Resources each month.  The reports are due in Human Resources by the 10th day of each month.


Student Payroll News

 Early Timesheet Deadline


Weeks ending 12/22/07 and 12/29/07 Due in Human Resources by noon Thursday, December 27, 2007 (Friday, December 28 for Housing and Usher Corps).
Weeks ending 1/5/08 and 1/12/08 Due in Human Resources by noon Thursday, January 10, 2008 (Friday, January 11 for Housing and Usher Corps).

Questions regarding student payroll may be directed to Erika Kostner at 836-4068 or


 Student Employment Eligibility

Students who graduate from UW-Eau Claire in December can continue to be employed as students (non-federal work study only) through the end of Winterim (January 18).  Students who will graduate in May or August may continue to be employed as students through the Summer Session eligibility period (August 23, 2008).


Students may start using 2nd semester work study allocation with hours worked December 16, 2007.

Distribution of Student W-2 Statements

W-2 statements will be mailed directly from the UW System Processing Center in Madison.  They will be mailed to students' permanent address.  Students may view their address information on the Blugold System used for registration by using option #3 - "View Your Personal Data" on the main menu.  Any changes should be submitted to the Registration Office, 128 Schofield Hall, prior to December 15, 2007.

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