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Mission Statement

Office of Human Resources

The mission of the Office of Human Resources is to support the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire as a comprehensive university whose purpose is to foster intellectual, personal, social and cultural development.  We will effectively and creatively administer all functions of the Human Resources Office.  This mission is accomplished in a manner that assures that all employees are treated equally and with respect.



The philosophy of the Office of Human Resources is to operate based on a basic set of principles identified and established to support our mission statement.

Basic Principles

Understanding the family/work issues our employees are dealing with, we will support/promote alternative and creative work schedules.  Human Resources staff supports an environment that realizes work (although a large part) is only part of our already rich lives.  We will:

  • Provide outstanding customer service by serving the needs of our clientele (including potential, active and former employees, students, and members of the community.)
  • Uphold the confidentiality our employees have come to expect.
  • Treat all employees with respect, empathy, and understanding.
  • Promote a sense of well-being within the staff of the university.
  • Act as liaison between supervisors and subordinates.
  • Establish and maintain collaborative working relationships with other campus departments and our sister institutions.
  • Address the staffing needs of the institution, while remaining compliant with university, state, and federal hiring regulations.
  • Provide accurate and timely payrolls.
  • Provide accurate personnel data to internal and external sources.
  •  Enhance benefits for all employees. To top


Strategic Plan


An Era of Opportunity

The Strategic Plan for the Office of Human Resource is a combination of our Mission and our Philosophy applied to the anticipated initiatives, changes and requirements that will demand our attention over the next few years.  

Engage in Future Initiatives:

We will approach successful implementation of the following initiatives by committing to work collaboratively within our unit and with our external counterparts.  We will take advantage of the opportunity to analyze our business practices, and in that process attempt to create efficiencies that prohibit an undue burden on our staff and monetary resources. 

We are committed to implementing the following initiatives while we maintain a high level of service to our clients.

  1. Staffing Delegation
  2. Campus Solutions
  3. Human Capital Management
  4. Campus Self Service Opportunities
  5. Interfacing our current data systems with new data systems
  6. New Data Warehouse opportunities
  7. Initiate educational efforts that will allow functional users to access data

Maintain Qualified Staff

Considering the age of our workforce, we must prepare for an influx of retirements, and an increase of medical issues that are likely unavoidable.  We will strategize methods and resources available to hire the “hard to fill” positions:

Staff turnover will be unavoidable within Human Resources as our own work force reaches retirement age. Our plan is to continually monitor workloads, reassign duties and cross-train as we strategize for the future needs ot the unit.

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Explore a More Diverse Campus and Community population

The Office of Human Resources is committed to providing a more diverse campus employee population.  We will obtain the most diverse pool of candidates possible when vacancies are being filled.  We will work with the Affirmative Action Officer, departments and supervisors as they review the qualifications of candidates.  We will encourage broadening the diversity of our workforce.

Promote a Caring Environment

We will promote a caring environment and enhance a sense of well being within the campus community.  We will continually review our stringent policies and guidelines in an effort to allow employees the flexibility and creativity needed to be productive in their work lives. 

We will analyze flexible and alternative work schedules and consider telecommuting as an alternative option if and when the need arises. We will solicit administrative support and encourage supervisors to allow staff release time for professional development opportunities.

Promote Outreach

We will represent the university with pride, and promote good will throughout the community.   We will continue to support community projects and initiatives in the Chippewa Valley.

Use Resources Efficiently

We will monitor the resources we have and use them wisely.  Emphasis will be placed on maintaining our technical needs so we remain up to date with automation.

As we anticipate new commitments, initiatives and requirements, we will reinforce the need to maintain our current staff resources and review the needs for additional staff that may be necessary to maintain the level of service the university has come to expect.

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Excellence. Our Measure. Our Motto. Our Goal.