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Life Events

Life events affect employee benefit plans in differing ways. Review how your specific life event affects the benefit plan(s) you enrolled in by selecting the event from the following topics

Beneficiary Designation

Change in Employment Status

Children and Dependents


Disability or Serious Illness

Divorce or Separation


Leave of Absence


Military Call-up



Please contact Sue Pettis for more information regarding your retirement decisions.

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Termination of Employment

When you terminate UW employment, you will need to take time-critical action for continuation or conversion of your benefits. To avoid any loss of benefits, contact your Human Resources before terminating your employment to make arrangements for continuing or converting your coverage.

Upon termination of employment, death of the employee, loss of dependent eligibility due to divorce or a child reaching the limiting age, you and your dependents may have the opportunity to continue many of your curent benefit plans. Detailed information will be mailed to you.

A comprehensive brochurepdffor all employees discussing the effect termination of employment has on your benefits is accessible on-line. This brochure provides information on who is eligible to continue or convert insurance plans, how and when to apply, and additional program information that may be helpful. Select the Separation checklistpdf before leaving campus.

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