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Direct Deposit

The University distributes pay using an electronic direct deposit program. Automated Clearing House (ACH) allows the safe, fast, efficient crediting of your pay directly to your financial account. This service ensures that your check is available to you on payday, even when you are out of town or unable to pick up a paper check.

Here are some reasons why direct deposit is so good.

> It’s flexible.
You may have your pay deposited in any financial
institution throughout the United States and Puerto
Rico, whether it is a bank, a credit union, or a financial
brokerage firm.

> It’s convenient.
You don’t need to stand in line to get your paycheck or make a trip to the bank to deposit it.

> It’s reliable.
Your money will always be in the account you specify, even if you’re on vacation, in class, or ill.

> It’s free.
There’s no charge and banks/credit unions may even offer incentives such as “free checking” when you participate in direct deposit.

> It’s safe.
Unlike a paper check, it will never be lost, stolen, mutilated, destroyed, or forged.

> It’s easy!
Just complete a Paycheck Distribution Formpdf and return it to your staff benefits office today.

> It’s fast!
On payday, your money is in your account at the opening of your financial institution’s business day.
You can withdraw any of your money on the day you are paid.

To initiate or change direct deposit, submit a Paycheck Distribution Formpdf, to the payroll office.

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