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Front Desks

In the main lobby of every residence hall is a front desk. The front desk serves as an informational center for each hall. Chancellors front Desk It has the name and phone number of all residents living in the hall. The front desk can also be a resource for on-campus as well as emergency numbers.

Front desks are staffed 24 hours a day for sales operation, and offer a wide variety of sandwiches, soda, bottled water, pizza, popcorn, ice cream and milk products. See the table below for detailed inventory.

Some of the halls supply other items, such as sports equipment, games, etc. which can be checked out there.

Front Desk Phone Numbers

Residence Hall Phone Number
Bridgman 855.4910
Chancellors 855.2614
Governors 855.4401
Horan 855.4469
Murray 855.4531
Oak Ridge 855.4598
Putnam 855.4600
Sutherland 855.4667
Thomas 855.4726
Towers North 855.4727
Towers South 855.4727

Front Desk Food & Drink Items

Product Price
20 oz Soda Bottles $1.00
16 oz O Spray Juice $1.25
20 oz Lipton Tea $1.00
20 oz Gatorade/G2 $1.25
20 oz Sobe $1.25
9.5 oz Starbucks Coffee $1.50
16 oz Mt Dew Amp $1.75

16 oz Btl. 2% Milk $1.25
16 oz Btl. Skim Milk $1.25
16 oz. Btl. Choc/LowFat Choc. Milk $1.25
16 oz. Btl. Strawberry Milk $1.25
Ice Cream $0.75 or $1.00

Sandwiches $2.00
Burrito $1.85
Sweet Rolls $1.35
Muffins $1.35

12" Bellatoria Pizza $5.00
Cheese Fries $4.75
12" Green Mill Pizza $6.25
*Planner $6.00


*Towers Only