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Working with Cover Sheetsfor students

Cover sheets add background information to an artifact for the person looking at your portfolio. A cover sheet is created when you upload an artifact, but this information may be changed at any time. This document contains instructions on how to update your cover sheet.

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You create a cover sheet when you upload an artifact. For more information on uploading an artifact, refer to Adding an Artifact to Your Portfolio.

The cover sheet is created by filling out this section of the Upload Artifact screen:
Cover Sheet portion of Upload Artifact screen

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You may need to update the cover sheet of an artifact if, for example, you use it for a different task or goal than it was originally intended for. Web Portfolio makes it easy to update a cover sheet.

  1. Access Web Portfolio

  2. From the Portfolio menu, select View My Portfolio

  3. Select the portfolio tab which contains the artifact

  4. For the artifact with the cover sheet you want to edit, under the View Artifacts column,
    click EDIT COVER SHEETEdit Cover Sheet button
    The Edit Cover Sheet dialog box appears.

  5. Edit the information as appropriate

    The changes have been applied to your cover sheet.

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A document that demonstrates accomplishment of a task or goal

Cover Sheet
A brief description of the artifact and the assignment that generated it, may also contain year created and class the assignment was for

Excellence. Our Measure. Our Motto. Our Goal.