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Web Portfolio

Adding an Artifact to Your PortfolioFor Students

Adding an artifact to your Web Portfolio allows you to to demonstrate accomplishment of a goal of the baccalaureate degree or a goal of your major program of study. This document contains instructions on how to add an artifact to your Web Portfolio.

While adding an artifact to Web Portfolio you also create a cover sheet, which can be edited at any time. For more information, refer to Cover Sheets.

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At the same time that you add an artifact you will be creating a Cover Sheet for it.

  1. Access Web Portfolio

  2. From the Portfolio menu, select View My Portfolio

  3. Select the portfolio tab under which you want to add an artifact

  4. For the goal/task that you want to add an artifact, under Modify Artifacts, click ADD ARTIFACT
    The Upload Artifact screen appears.
    Upload Artifact screen

  5. Select Upload New Artifact

  6. Click BROWSE...
    The Choose file dialog box appears.

  7. Using the Look in pull-down list, navigate to and select the file you wish to upload

  8. Click OPEN
    The file name and path appears in the text box.
    The following items (steps 9-12) create the artifact cover sheet.

  9. In the Briefly describe the assignment... text box, type a description of the assignment

  10. In the In which course... text box, type the name of the course for which the project was done

  11. Using the pull-down list, select the academic year the assignment was completed

  12. Indicate whether the document has been revised by selecting the appropriate option

    The artifact name appears in the appropriate category.

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A document that demonstrates accomplishment of a task or goal

Cover Sheet
Information that describes an artifact

Place a copy of a document and its related data from your H: drive or other storage location to the UW-Eau Claire's Web Portfolio system

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