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Microsoft FrontPage 2003

Tables: Additional Options

FrontPage allows you to do many things with tables. The basic table alone may not be very appealing, but you can manipulate its elements to create a greater impact.

return to topConverting a Table into Text

This feature converts table text into standard text separated by line breaks.

WARNING: Converting table text into standard text will also remove all the cells inside the table.

  1. Select the desired table

  2. From the Table menu, select Convert » Table to Text...
    The table disappears leaving only text.

return to topConverting Text into a Table

You can make text into its own table and separate the text by paragraphs, tabs, commas, or other formatting.

  1. Select the desired text

  2. From the Table menu, select Convert » Text To Table...
    The Convert Text To Table dialog box appears.

  3. To identify which character separates the text into cells, select the desired option
    HINT:If you select the Commas option, the text before each comma will be inserted into its own cell.
    EXAMPLE: 9/1 (Monday), 9/2 (Tuesday), 9/3 (Wednesday)
    Text To Table example - commas

  4. Click OK

return to topUsing Captions

A caption is text that appears above or below a table. The purpose of table captions is similar to the purpose of most picture captions (i.e., they explain or clarify).

Adding a Caption

  1. Place the insertion point into the table

  2. From the Table menu, select Insert » Caption
    The insertion point appears above the first row of the table.

  3. Type the caption

  4. When finished, place the insertion point anywhere outside the caption

Adjusting the Position of a Caption

  1. Add a caption

  2. Place the insertion point in the caption

  3. From the Table menu, select Table Properties » Caption
    The Caption Properties dialog box appears.

  4. Under Position, select Top of table or Bottom of table

  5. Click OK

  6. To easily left or right align the caption, on the Formatting Toolbar, click ALIGN LEFTAlign Left buttonor ALIGN RIGHTAlign Right button

return to topDrawing a Table

The Draw Table feature of FrontPage allows you to create a table by clicking and dragging the mouse, much like drawing boxes in a graphics program. With this feature, you can make a good-looking table, but you cannot ensure that rows and columns are distributed evenly. Refer to Table Formatting: Distributing Rows and Columns Evenly for more information.

  1. From the Table menu, select Draw Table
    The Tables toolbar appears and the cursor becomes a pencil.
    On the Tables toolbar, click DRAW TABLEDraw Table button
    The cursor becomes a pencil.
    NOTE: If the Tables toolbar does not appear, from the View menu, select Toolbars» Tables

  2. Click and drag the mouse to create the outside edges of the table
    Where you start dragging will be the top left corner; where you release the mouse button, the lower right.

  3. To draw a row or column, click one of the table edges and drag the pencil to the opposite edge
    HINT: You can also draw rows and columns that do not span the entire table. Just draw between existing rows or columns.

  4. When finished drawing all the columns and rows, click DRAW TABLEDraw Table button
    Press [Esc]
    The pencil disappears.

return to topInserting Tables Inside of Tables

You can insert a table within a table. This may make the information less accessible to users. Unless used strictly for layout, nested tables should be used on a limited basis.

  1. Draw a table

  2. Place the insertion point in the desired cell

  3. From the Table menu, select Insert » Table...
    The Insert Table dialog box appears.

  4. Complete the Insert Table dialog box as appropriate

  5. Click OK

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