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Microsoft Entourage 2008

Calendar: Working with Holidays

When using the Calendar feature in Entourage, you may want holidays displayed. Entourage can automatically import holidays from many different countries and religions, making it a helpful holiday resource for users all over the world.

return to topAdding Holidays to the Calendar

Your Entourage Calendar does not display holidays by default. If you would like to display holidays, you can add them to your calendar automatically.

  1. From the File menu, select Import...
    The Import dialog box appears.
    Import dialog box

  2. From the list, select Holidays

  3. Click the NEXT arrowRight arrow

  4. From the scroll list, select the groups of holidays you would like to import
    NOTE: You may select more than one.

  5. Click NEXT
    A dialog box appears telling you that the holidays you selected have been added to your calendar.

  6. Click OK

  7. Click FINISH
    The holidays have been added.

return to top Removing Holidays from the Calendar

You may want to delete holidays from the calendar. You can delete one specific holiday or groups of holidays.

  1. From the Edit menu, select Advanced Search...
    The Search pane appears.
    Search pane

  2. From the Item Contains pull-down menus, select Category
    The Is and None pull-down menus appear.

  3. From the None pull-down list, select Holiday
    Holidays display.

  4. Select the holiday you would like removed

  5. To delete one holiday,
    1. Select the holiday you would like to delete
    2. Click DELETEDelete button
      A confirmation dialog box appears.
    3. Click DELETE

    To delete all holidays,
    1. Select the first holiday on the list
    2. Press and hold [shift]
    3. Select the last holiday on the list
      All the holidays become selected.
    4. Click DELETEDelete button
      A confirmation dialog box appears.
    5. Click DELETE

  6. Close the Search Results dialog box

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