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Network Drives

Creating a Public Link to an Individual File
This page reiterates how you can access your H drive online and gives instructions on sharing a public link to an individual file.
Establishing File & Folder Level Permissions: Windows 7
Instructions for changing permission to access folders for a certain group or individual user.
TreeSize Professional
Find information regarding TreeSize Professional, a tool that can help you view the items on your H: drive in order to clean and organize them.
VPN (Off-Campus)
You can connect to a VPN to access your Shared Drives from an off-campus location.
Web Access (Off-Campus)
Learn about a simple, secure way to access your H, W, and P drives while off campus, using any web browser.
Working With Network Drives
Learn what network drives are, what drives are available, and how to map to the different drives on different operating systems.
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