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Windows XP

Working with the Compressed Folders

The compressed (zipped) folder allows you to compress files so they take up less space. This document introduces you to the processes of adding files to the compressed folder and extracting files from it.

NOTE: Some of these instructions refer to MY COMPUTERMy Computeron the Desktop. Instead of the text MY COMPUTER, you may see your username followed by the computer name.

return to top Adding Files to the Compressed Folder

  1. From the Desktop, right click MY COMPUTER » select Explore
    Windows Explorer opens.

  2. Select the files you wish to add to the compressed folder
    To select contiguous items, hold [Shift] and click on the desired files.
    To select non-contiguous items, hold [Ctrl] and click on the desired files.

  3. Right click on the selected files » select Send To » Compressed (zipped) Folder
    A new compressed folder appears at the bottom of the file list.
    NOTE: The file will be renamed as a .zip.

  4. To rename the compressed file, right click on the file » select Rename
    The name of the file is highlighted.

  5. Type the new name for the file.

return to topExtracting Files from the Compressed Folder

Before you can access files from the compressed folder, it is recommended that you extract them. This decompresses them back to their original file size.

  1. Using Windows Explorer, locate the compressed folder you wish to extract files from

  2. Right click on the file » select Open With...
    The Open With dialog box appears.

  3. Make sure Compressed (zipped) Folders is selected

  4. Click OK

  5. The files are extracted from the compressed folder

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