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Qualtrics Survey System

Testing Your Survey

The Qualtrics Survey System is an application that provides the tools you need to create and administer surveys and analyze the data received. This document will help you test your survey to make sure that it is working the way you want it to. This document contains information on:

return to topPreviewing Your Survey

Preview Survey is a way to view and take your survey, just as though you were one of your respondents. In this way, you will be able to make sure that your survey is looking and working as it should.

NOTE: To preview a survey, you must create it and add content first.

  1. From the My Surveys tab, select the desired survey
    The survey will appear, ready for any edits you would like to make before previewing.

  2. When you are ready to preview your survey, click PREVIEW SURVEYPreview Survey button
    A new window will open, and the survey will appear in Preview mode.
    NOTE: This is how your survey will look to your respondents.

  3. Go through your survey, answering questions as though you were a respondent
    Make sure that all your coding works and keep an eye open for typos.
    NOTE: If you find anything that you wish to change while previewing your survey, close the Preview window, make your edits, and open the survey as a Preview again.

return to topPerforming a Survey Test

Qualtrics will run a series of random completions of your survey. This allows you to verify that data is being collected in the manner that you desire and anticipate. The results of the random survey tests can then be deleted.

  1. From the My Surveys tab, in the Tasks column, for the desired survey, click EDITEdit button

  2. From the Advanced Options pull-down menu, select Test Survey...
    The Test Survey dialog box appears.

  3. To let the test skip questions, select Allow unanswered questions
    Portion of the Test Survey dialog box

  4. To display question text in the Results pane, select Show verbose output

  5. In the Test Iterations text box, type the number of tests you would like performed

  6. Click START TEST
    When the test is complete, results will appear in the Results pane of the Test Survey dialog box.
    Results are also tabulated on the View Results tab.
    Sample Test Survey results

  7. Click CLOSE

Deleting Test Results

After you have verified the data received from the test, you can delete the results so that they do not affect the actual results of your survey.

  1. From the My Surveys tab, in the Tasks column, for the desired survey, click RESULTSResults button
    The View Results tab is displayed.

  2. On the toolbar, click RESPONSESResponses button

  3. From the Advanced Options pull-down menu, select Delete Survey Tests
    A confirmation dialog box appears.

  4. Click DELETE
    The results are deleted.

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