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Qualtrics Survey System

Working with Skip Logic

Based on a respondent's answer to an initial question, you may want to ask the respondent a particular question(s) or no more questions. Skip Logic can take respondents to a specific question(s) or to the end of the survey. This document will help you add Skip Logic in your Qualtrics surveys.

return to topAdding Skip Logic

  1. Select the question that you want to use Skip Logic on
    NOTE: When the question is selected, it will turn light blue and all the question options will be displayed.
    RECOMMENDED: Select Force Response.

  2. Click ADD SKIP LOGICAdd Skip Logic button
    The Skip Logic pane appears.
    NOTE: An initial conditional statement may appear based on the question and assumptions made by the program.
    Skip Logic pane

  3. To change the conditional statement, click SKIP LOGIC » select Edit Skip Logic...
    The Skip Logic pane refreshes with criteria pull-down menus.
    Skip Logic pane with pull-down menus

  4. From the criteria pull-down menus, select the desired options

  5. Click DONE
    The Skip Logic pane will appear after the selected question.
    Skip Logic pane

  6. To add logic for the other choice(s) for a question, repeat steps 2–5

return to topDeleting Skip Logic

  1. Select the question with the Skip Logic that you want to remove
    NOTE: The question is selected when the question turns light blue.Skip Logic pane

  2. In the upper right corner of the Skip Logic pane, click REMOVE SKIP LOGICRemove Skip Logic button
    The Skip Logic pane will disappear.
    The Skip Logic coding has been deleted.

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