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Qualtrics Survey System

Using Embedded Data with Survey Results

Using embedded data in any form in Qualtrics assumes that you are using Panels. Panels are a powerful tool for managing the distribution of your survey. For more information about Panels, refer to Creating a Panel.

Embedded data refers to fields in the file you imported to create your panel that are not essential for distribution. That is to say, embedded data are fields other than first name, last name, or email address.

Consider the following CSV file:
Sample CSV file

Embedded data in this file includes Address, City, State, Zip, MemberSince, and Gender. Any of these fields can be combined with your results data when filtering or downloading it.
NOTE: Field names cannot contain spaces.

This document discusses the following:

Return to topSetting the Embedded Data

You must tell Qualtrics which embedded data fields you want included along with your results data. This is called Setting Embedded Data.

  1. From the Edit Survey tab, click SURVEY FLOWSurvey Flow button
    The Survey Flow dialog box appears.
    Survey Flow dialog box

    The What do you want to add? block appears.

    The Set Embedded Data block appears with Enter Embedded Data Field Name Here highlighted.
    Set Embedded Data

  4. Type the name of the field
    Field names are case sensitive.
    Field names must match the spelling and case used in the CSV file you uploaded for your panel.

  5. To add more fields,
    1. Click ADD A NEW FIELD
    2. Type the name of the field

  6. Click SAVE FLOW
    The embedded data you specified is now set into the survey.

Return to topFiltering Survey Results Using Embedded Data

Embedded data that you have imported and set in your survey can be used as a filter for your results. The following steps illustrate an example of using gender as an embedded data field in a filter.

  1. On the View Results tab, click INITIAL REPORT

    The criteria pull-down menus appear.
    Example of filter criteria

  3. From the first pull-down menu, select Embedded Data

  4. In the text box that appears, type the name of the embedded data field
    EXAMPLE: Type Gender
    Field names are case and spelling sensitive.
    The list of embedded data that has been set in your survey appears in the left panel below the questions.

  5. From the next pull-down menu, select the condition
    EXAMPLE: Select Equal to

  6. In the last text box type the criteria to match the condition
    EXAMPLE: Type M
    NOTE: The value or criteria typed here must match one of the values that appear in your CSV file for this field.

    The results now reflect the filtered data.

Return to topDownloading Results Data

Any fields that you have set into the Survey Flow as embedded will be included in the download of your results. For more information on this process, refer to Downloading Results.

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