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Qualtrics Survey System

Survey Results

Downloading Results

After you have had respondents complete your survey, you may want to download the results. Downloading the results allows you to perform additional analysis using Excel or SPSS.

Downloading the results also allows you to preserve them when you decide to delete the survey from Qualtrics. Downloading results is different from exporting them. For more information, refer to Exporting Survey Results.


  1. From the My Surveys tab, in the Tasks column, for the desired survey, click RESULTSResults button
    The Select a Report page appears.

  2. Click DOWNLOAD DATADownload Data button
    The Download Data page appears.

  3. From the Questions scroll list, select the questions to include in the download
    EXAMPLE: Select All Questions
    Download Data: Questions
    HINT: To select contiguous questions, select the first question, then hold down the Shift key and click on the last question in the range you want to select.
    HINT: To select non-contiguous questions, hold down the Control key and click on a question to add it to those already selected.

  4. OPTIONAL: In the Date range section, type the From and To dates for which you want data downloaded
    HINT: To select the dates, click CALENDARCalendar button
    Download Data: Date

  5. In the Representation section, select the desired option
    Values returns numeric data (e.g., 1,2)
    Labels returns data in the form of text (e.g., Yes, No)
    Download Data: Representation

  6. In the Export tags section, select the desired option
    NOTE: Export tags serve as abbreviated column headings in your data file.
    Download Data: Export tags

  7. OPTIONAL: In the Recode Values section, make the desired selections
    Download Data: Recode Values

  8. In the Format section, select the desired file format
    NOTE: CSV Format can be opened by Excel.
    The File Download dialog box appears.

  9. To view the downloaded data, click OPEN
    To save the downloaded data file,
    1. Click SAVE
      The Save As dialog box appears.
    2. Using the Save in pull-down menu, navigate to and select the desired save location
    3. In the File name text box, type a name for the downloaded data file
    4. Click SAVE

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