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Qualtrics Survey System

Survey Results

Creating Additional Reports

Aside from the Initial Report, Qualtrics allows you to create additional, custom reports. This allows you to prepare and report the results of your survey as appropriate for various audiences. For example, responses to open-ended questions may not be appropriate for a general report to a committee. When creating additional reports, you select the questions and responses that will be displayed, along with any additional formatting.

  1. From the My Surveys tab, for the intended survey, click RESULTSResults button


  3. Click the NEW REPORT tabNew Report tab
    The tab name becomes My Report and is highlighted.My Report tab

  4. Type a name for the report
    EXAMPLE: Type Committee Report

  5. Click SAVESave icon
    The tab is renamed.
    All results are displayed

  6. To exclude questions from the report, in the Question pane, deselect the question
    HINT: A question is not selected when no checkmark appears before it.

  7. To change the order of the questions, in the Question pane, click and drag the question to the desired position

  8. To further customize your report, refer to Customizing the Results Report

  9. To add a graph of your data, refer to Graphing Results

  10. When your report is formatted as desired, export or share the results
    NOTE: Some formatting (e.g., questions per page) will be lost when exporting to PowerPoint or PDF.

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