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Qualtrics Survey System

Making an Answer Option Exclusive

Making an option exclusive means that if a respondent selects that option, all other options are deselected. This feature works only with Multiple Choice questions where multiple answers are allowed.

Example: Question with multiple options

If a respondent starts selecting items and then sees the last option, they may not uncheck their previous responses once they select All of the above. By making All of the above an exclusive option, any other options that have been selected will be deselected when this option is chosen.

To make an option exclusive:

  1. Create the Multiple Choice question

  2. In the Question Options panel, under Answers, select Multiple Answer
    Example: Question Options panel, Multiple Answers selected

  3. Select the answer option that will be exclusive
    A pull-down arrow appears.

  4. From the pull-down menu, select Make Answer Exclusive
    The option is now exclusive, and a small icon appears next to it.
    Example: Multiple Choice question with an exclusive option

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