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Qualtrics Survey System

Auto-Numbering Survey Questions

Defining the export tags with the auto-numbering feature, you can sequentially number the questions in your survey.


To auto-number survey questions

  1. On the My Surveys tab, for the survey you want to auto-number, click EDITEdit button

  2. Make sure the questions in your survey are in the desired order

  3. From the Advanced Options pull-down menu, select Auto-Number Questions...
    The Auto-Number Questions dialog box appears.
    Auto-Number Questions dialog box

  4. OPTIONAL: In the Prefix text box, type the prefix to use before each question number
    HINT: You must do this first before selecting a style.

  5. Select the style of numbering you want
    You are returned to the Edit Survey tab.
    Export tags are numbered sequentially.

  6. Click SURVEY OPTIONSSurvey Options button
    The Survey Options dialog box appears.

  7. In the Survey Experience section, select Show Export Tags
    HINT: This step makes the numbering visible to respondents.
    Example: Show Export Tags selected

    NOTE: If you add questions after auto-numbering the existing ones, you will need to repeat the auto-numbering steps.

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