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Qualtrics Survey System

Printing Your Survey

Sometimes, you may find yourself needing to print out your survey. You may find it easier to edit from a hard copy, instead of looking at a computer screen, or perhaps you need to print out your survey to turn it in for an assignment. This document will get you started in printing your surveys in Qualtrics.

This technique does not work well for questions that use codes to insert variable text, as the code prints instead of the text.
This print option prints all the questions of your survey.
Page breaks within your survey do not cause a page break in the printout. That is, new survey pages do not start on separate pieces of paper.

  1. From the My Surveys tabMy Surveys tab, click the name of the survey you wish to print
    The survey will appear, ready for any edits that you would like to make before printing.

  2. Click PRINT SURVEYPrint Survey button
    The survey will appear as a Preview, and the Print dialog box will appear.

  3. Select the desired print options

  4. Click PRINT
    The survey will print.

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