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Qualtrics Survey System

Deleting a Panel

When you no longer need a certain panel, you can delete it. This document will show you how to delete a panel in Qualtrics.

  1. Select the Panels tabPanels tab

  2. From the Current Panel Library pull-down menu, select the desired library (e.g., My Panels)

  3. From the Panel options, click PANELSPanels button
    The Panels page appears.

  4. Select the desired panel
    NOTE: The panel is selected when a checkmark appears.

  5. From the With Selected: section, click DELETE
    The Delete Panel dialog box appears.
    Delete Panel dialog box

  6. In the You must enter "delete" to proceed text box, type delete

  7. Click DELETE PANELDelete Panel button
    The panel is deleted.

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