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Qualtrics Survey System

Adding Questions with an "Other" Choice

Qualtrics gives you the ability to create a vast array of surveys with various question and answer options. For certain questions, an "other" choice as an answer option is necessary so that participants will be able to add in their own answer if the one they desire is not one of the answer choices provided. For example, suppose you create a multiple choice question asking participants what their favorite color is. Having an "other" choice will give the participants an opportunity to type in their favorite color if you did not provide it as one of the available answers. To do this, they will select the "other" choice and type in their answer in the text box.

This document will show you two methods for adding an "other" choice for a survey question in Qualtrics.

return to topAdding an "Other" Choice: Question Type

  1. In the Question Options pane, click CHANGE QUESTION TYPEChange Question Type button
    A palette of question types appears.
    NOTE: As you hover your mouse over a question type, a preview of a sample question for that type is displayed.

  2. At the bottom of the palette, click SHOW ALL QUESTION TYPES
    A scroll box appears showing all question types by category.

  3. Select a question type that contains "with Other"
    The question is added and ready for customization.
    From the Multiple Choice category, select Single Answer, Vertical, with Other

    Sample question with "other" option

  4. Complete the question and choices text

return to topAdding an "Other" Choice: Choice Options

The following directions will assume that you are working with a multiple answer question type.
The directions can be applied to other question types as well.

  1. In the desired survey, from the Edit Survey tab, select the specific question that you would like to edit
    NOTE: When the question is selected, it will turn light blue and all the options will be displayed.

  2. Click the desired CLICK TO WRITE CHOICE #
    The text becomes an edit-ready text box.
    Multiple Choice Answer text box

  3. In the text box, type [Other]

  4. To the right of the text box, from the Choice Options pull-down menuBlue Down Arrow menu, select Allow Text Entry
    A white text box appears below the Other text box.
    Other Choice text box example

  5. To deselect the Other text box, click on an area away from the text box
    The Other choice is created.
    NOTE: When a participant takes your survey, they will be able to select the "other" choice and type their answer in the text box.
    Other Choice text box example

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