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Qualtrics Survey System

The Environment

The Edit Survey Tab

The Edit Survey toolbar has tools for customizing the appearance, organization and settings of your survey. Use the options on the Edit Survey toolbar to design the layout, proofread text, create the flow of questions, and set up who will view your survey and how they will do so. The following table explains the options found on the Edit Survey toolbar:

Button Name Description
Look & Feel button Look & Feel Allows you to customize the header, footer, and button text in your survey. This option also provides template formats (skins) that can be applied to any survey.
Survey Options button Survey Options Takes you to the Survey Options page where you can control access to the survey, allow partial completion with an option to return later, and specify both what happens when respondents submit the survey and the time frame recipients have to complete it. This screen also allows you to organize responses into sets for analysis.
Survey Flow button Survey Flow Displays Elements used to organize surveys. The survey is displayed in a flow chart for easy viewing and editing. This screen is used to create question flow using features including the Blocks, Branches, and the Block Randomizer.
Print Survey button Print Survey Allows you to print a hard copy of your survey.
Spell Check button Spell Check Reviews survey information for spelling errors.
Preview button Preview Survey Allows you to view your survey as survey takers will after distribution and locate any errors or changes that should be made before sending out or publishing your survey online.
Launch button Launch Survey Activates your survey and creates a link that can be used to distribute your survey.


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