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Qualtrics Survey System

The Environment

The Distribute Survey Tab

The Distribute toolbar on the Distribute Survey tab houses a number of tools you can use to send your completed survey to potential respondents. The two most popular methods are using Survey Link or using Email Survey. Use a survey link to create a link on your web page or to send the link via email using your own email program. Use the Qualtrics Mailer to control access to your survey, track access, and easily send reminders.

Button Name Description
Survey Link button Survey Link Creates a link that can be used to access your survey.
Email Survey button Email Survey Displays the Survey Mailer which can be used to send a survey link to specified recipients' email addresses.
Email History button Email History Provides an overview of who has been sent the survey successfully, and whether they have completed the survey.
In-Page Popup button In-Page Popup Generates your survey as a popup for inclusion in a website. Use this feature to design your popup survey appearance, and add it to your website using the HTML code provided.
Embedded Survey button Embedded Survey Generates HTML code that can be used to include your survey into a webpage.
Website Feedback button Website Feedback Creates a link that allows users of your survey to provide feedback through your website.
Survey Director button Survey Director Allows one link to be redirected to many locations, depending on the conditions set.
Preview Survey button Preview Survey Generates a preview of your survey, allowing you to view it as a respondent would.
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