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Qualtrics Survey System

Using Carry Forward

Carry Forward allows you to ask additional questions about either choices that were selected or were not selected, or about all the choices in the previous question. This allows you to ask follow-up questions relevant to your respondents’ previous answers.

For example, after respondents have selected which summer festivals they have attended, you can ask them to rate the cleanliness of those selected festivals.

NOTE: There must be a Page Break or New Question Block between the original question and the question using the responses.

To use Carry Forward:

  1. Create the question in which you want to use Carry Forward
    NOTE: There must be a Page Break or New Question Block between the original question and the question using the responses.
    EXAMPLE: You previously provided a list of summer festivals and asked your respondents to select every one they have visited.
    The Question with answers that will be Carried Forward
    Now, you want them to rate the cleanliness of the festivals they selected. In the example, the respondent has visited Summer Fest and Rock Fest, and has selected them. Therefore, you can use Carry Forward in the initial question to form the next. The next question will ask about only the relevant festivals.
    Question that will make use of choices that are Carried ForwardNOTE: The Carry Forward options are available with the following questions types: Multiple Choice, Matrix Table, Constant Sum, Slider, Rank Order, Side by Side, and Pick, Group, and Rank.

  2. From the Advanced Question Options pull-down menu, select Carry Forward...
    Advanced Options: Carry Forward

    EXAMPLE: Since the cleanliness question is a Matrix question, select Carry Forward Statements...
    The Carry Forward pane appears at the bottom of the question.
    Carry Foward pane

  3. From the from pull-down menu, select the question containing the responses that you want to Carry Forward

  4. From the Carry Forward menu, select the desired option
    EXAMPLE: To Carry Forward the festivals the respondents have visited, select Selected Choices.
    NOTE: With Selected Choices or Unselected Choices, the question appears to list all the possible answers, but once the respondents answer the previous question and arrive at this one, only the desired choices will appear.

  5. In the Carry Forward pane, click DONE
    You have added Carry Forward coding to your survey.
    Sample question with Carry Forward coding

  6. Be sure to Test your survey to make sure that everything is working as it should

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