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Qualtrics Survey System

Working with Question Blocks

When creating surveys in Qualtrics, you will need to use Question Blocks. Question Blocks are appropriately named; they are blocks that hold the questions for the survey. As file folders hold and organize your papers, Question Blocks hold and organize the questions in a survey. This document will explain how to create and work with Question Blocks for use in your surveys. For an overview on question blocks refer to Question Blocks: An Overview. This document contains information on:

return to topCreating a New Block

You will be provided with an initial block when you create a new survey, but if you need any others, you will need to create them yourself. There are two ways to do this. You can either create an empty block to fill as you see fit, or you can move selected questions into a different block, which creates the new block automatically.

NOTE: Between two Question Blocks, there will be an automatic Page Break for respondents taking your survey.

Creating a New Block: Add Block Option

  1. From the Advanced Options pull-down menu, select Add Block
    A new block appears beneath the Default Question Block.

Creating a New Block: Moving Questions Option

  1. Select the desired questions to be moved into a new block
    More than one question must be selected for this option to appear.
    The question is selected when it turns blue.

  2. Click MOVE TO A NEW BLOCKMove to a New Block button
    The selected questions have been moved to a new block.

return to topAdding a Block Title

It can be helpful to give titles to the Question Blocks if you have more than one.

  1. At the top left of the question block, select the title
    The title becomes a text box.
    EXAMPLE: Select Default Question Block
    Default Question Block Title

  2. In the Title text box, type the desired title
    EXAMPLE: Type Demographics
    Selected Tltle text box

  3. Click outside the Title text box
    The Question Block title has been changed.
    Demographics Question Block title

return to topDeleting a Block

HINT: The Default Question Block cannot be deleted, only ones that you create.

  1. On the block you wish to delete, from the Block Options pull-down menu, select Delete Block...
    A confirmation dialog box appears.
    Confirmation dialog box

  2. Click DELETEDelete button
    The block is deleted.

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