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Qualtrics Survey System

Question Blocks: An Overview

The Qualtrics Survey System is an application that provides the tools you need to create and administer surveys and analyze the data received. This document will describe Question Blocks and their uses. Question Blocks are appropriately named; they are blocks that hold the questions for the whole survey. As file folders hold and organize your papers, Question Blocks hold and organize the questions in a survey. For information on working with Question Blocks, refer to Creating Question Blocks. This document contains information on:

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Question Blocks both hold and group the questions added to a survey. They can either be collapsed or expanded, should space necessitate that. There are many extra options available when a Question Block is selected.

NOTE: Between two Question Blocks, there will be an automatic Page Break for respondents taking your survey.

View Block
This is another viewing option, in which you can preview only the questions in a specific block as they will appear to respondents.

Collapse Questions
This viewing option collapses questions down into a very compact form. This feature may be useful if you have a great many questions and only wish to skim over them.

Block Language...
This is another option that may be useful for foreign language classes. If you need to translate a Question Block into another language, Block Language can give you a good head-start.

Question Randomization...
With this feature, you can randomize the question order for the respondents. This would be useful for quizzes on Qualtrics.

Loop and Merge...
Loop and Merge allows you to Pipe Text into questions. This feature allows you to insert specific information into a question previously entered by a respondent. If you create a question for each level of items, Qualtrics will automatically cycle through those choices without you having to create any additional questions.

Move Blocks Up/Down
Sometimes you may want to move entire blocks into a new order.

Copy Block...
Instead of Loop and Merge, another way to save some time with very similar questions, is to copy the entire block, then make minor customizations.

Delete Block...
If a Question Block is no longer needed for your survey, it can be quickly and easily deleted.

Collapse Question Block
If you have a great many Question Blocks, or a great many questions in various Question Blocks, you may find it useful to collapse the Question Blocks that you are not currently editing.


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Question Blocks can be very useful for organizing a long survey with several parts. In this case, the Question Blocks can be given Titles and split up in a way that makes it easier for you to edit. Now, all the other parts of the survey can be collapsed, allowing you to focus on the area that needs editing.

Block Title
It can be helpful to give Titles to the question blocks if you have more than one.

Move Questions to a New Block
Sometimes you may want to Move some questions and separate them into their own block, or a previously created block.

Page Break
With Page Breaks, you can divide up the questions on your survey so that not all the questions are seen at once by your participants.

Skip Logic
If you need the survey to respond specifically to a respondent's answers, you will need to use Skip Logic. Based on a respondent's answer, Skip Logic can take them to a special question or to the end of the survey.

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