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Desire2Learn 9.0

Course Tools: An Overview

There are a number of tools in Desire2Learn that can be used to enhance the course. The instructor determines which tools are available to students. In this document, some commonly used course tools are described with their default names.

If your instructor keeps track of attendance through D2L, you can check your attendance rate in the Attendance tool.

This feature allows students and instructors to interact together in real time. For more information on the Chat feature and synchronous chats, see Working with Chats.

Highlights important aspects of the course as a visual guideline for students.

Lists all users enrolled in the course and identifies which are currently online. The Classlist tool allows users to share information about themselves using the Profile or Homepage tools.

Instructors often post files related to a course in the Content section. Students can download the files (e.g., PowerPoint presentations, study guides) to complement the course.

This feature allows for asynchronous discussions; students do not have to be online at the same time to respond to each other. For more information, see Working with Discussions.

Using this feature, the instructor can have students submit their work online. Students upload their work in the Dropbox and the instructor can view it at their discretion. For more information, refer to Working with the Dropbox.

Desire2Learn users can email each other from within D2L. You can automatically address email to course members or instructors directly from the Address Book. Email generated through Desire2Learn is delivered to the email address recorded within Desire2Learn. For more information, refer to Sending Email in Desire2Learn.

Instructors use this to publish a list of frequently asked questions related to the course content or policies. Check for an FAQ before asking your instructor.

A glossary may contain terms related to the course. For more information, refer to Using the Course Glossary.

If your instructor is recording grades in D2L, you can check the Grades tool to see how you are doing in the class.

If your instructor divides the class into groups, use the Groups tool to see which group you are in and who the other members are.

Your instructor may use the Links tool to point you to class resources.

This tool provides an additional storage area for files. Files in this area can be made public or kept private. This is useful when working at multiple workstations.

Only instructors can post news items, but check the News tool regularly for information about upcoming events, due dates, or corrections.

This feature allows you to take quizzes online, at a time that is convenient for you. For more information, refer to Taking Online Quizzes.

The Schedule (calendar) provides a central location for course and personal events, such as add/drop periods, exams, and personal appointments.

Surveys are used to monitor D2L users' opinions and other information. Taking surveys is similar to Taking Online Quizzes.


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