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Desire2Learn 9.0

Using Groups in Desire2Learn

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Groups can be very useful when using web based learning systems.
Here are some possibilities:

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Initial planning and thoughtful management can ensure successful groups.  Here are some tips to make sure your groups are on the right track.

For additional information and perspectives on group activities see Managing--and Motivating!--Distance Learning Group Activities by Barbara J. Millis.

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The following roles are one example of how you may establish roles for your group members. Personalize this example to fit your needs and curricular objectives.

The leader will post the initial response to the question of the week. It is this person's responsibility to start the discussion (respond to the question posted by the instructor) and indicate it is for their team.

The facilitator makes sure the team's work is done in a timely fashion by helping to keep the team on task (e.g., watches for stray conversations). 

After the leader has posted the initial response for the week's question, the commenter will reflect on the response, readings, and their own past experience to add to the discussion.

The summarizer, after each team member has had a chance to participate in the discussion, will read through the responses and post a summary for the entire class.

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