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Desire2Learn 9.0

Quizzes: Creating a Random Section

Random sections are created by importing questions from the Question Library. A random section allows you to present questions in a random order. You can also present different combinations of questions in random order. In other words, you can import 25 questions and present random combinations of 20 of those questions. For more information on the Question Library, refer to The Question Library: An Overview.

A random section is one tool you can use to ensure academic honesty.

The following instructions assume that you have already created the quiz.

  1. From the Course Home page, click QUIZZES
    The Manage Quizzes pane appears.

  2. From the list of quizzes, click the name of the desired quiz

  3. Select the Layout/Questions tab


  5. From the Create New pull-down menu, select Random Section

  6. Click GO
    The New Random Section pane appears.

  7. In the Section Name text box, type a name for the section of random questions
    New Random Section pane

  8. In the Display Options section, select the desired options
    New Random Section pane: Display Options section

  9. Click SAVE

  10. In the quiz sections pane, click the random section you just created
    Quiz sections pane

  11. Click IMPORT
    The Import Into [Quiz Name] pane appears.

  12. From the Source Section pull-down menu, select the section of the Question Library containing the questions you want to randomize
    The screen refreshes showing the questions in that section.
    Import Into [Quiz Name] pane: Source/Destination section

  13. In the Source Collection section, select the questions you want to use in your random section
    To select all questions in the section, select the section name.
    A question is selected if a check mark appears before it.

  14. Click SAVE
    The section pane appears with the imported questions displayed.

  15. In the Select text box, type the number of questions to randomize
    Select text box

  16. In the worth text box, type the number points each question is worth

  17. Click SAVE


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