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Quizzes: Sample Significant Figures Question

This document provides an example of a question-building pane for a significant figures question. Other documents relating to quizzes can be found in the Quiz section of the Desire2Learn Table of Contents.

NOTE: Only use significant figures questions if you want to use the supported mathematical formulas in your question. Otherwise consider using a fill in the blank or multiple choice question.

return to topThe Question Building Pane

The pane shown below has been completed for an arithmetic question.

Significant Figures Question-Building pane: General SectionSignificant Figures Question-Building pane: FormulaSignificant Figures Question-Building pane: Variables section
Specify the desired number of significant figures in the Significant Figures pull-down menu.
To make sure the formula you are using will work, next to Formula, click Test. See if the Solution is what you expect. If not, try changing the question or consider using another question type.
Test Significant Figures

return to topThe Result

The pane shown below reveals how the arithmetic question will appear to students.
Significant Figures question preview

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