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Desire2Learn 9.0

Setting Up a Quiz Report

Quiz reports can be created to compile summary information about a quiz. Rather than looking in multiple areas to locate quiz statistics, you can create a printer-friendly report that pulls them together in one place. You can create a report for your own information as an instructor, for your students, or others. And, you can create different reports for any of these groups. For example, after all students have completed a quiz, you may release a report showing the questions with the correct answers.

Other documents relating to quizzes can be found in the Quizzes section of the Desire2Learn Table of Contents.

  1. From the My Home page, in the My Eau Claire Courses widget, select the desired course
    The Course Home page appears.

  2. From the Course Home page, on the Navigation bar, click QUIZZES
    The Manage Quizzes pane appears.

  3. Click the quiz you would like to create a report for
    The Edit pane appears.

  4. Select the Reports Setup tab
    Edit pane: Reports Setup tab

  5. Click ADD REPORT
    The New Quiz Report pane appears.
    New Quiz Report pane

  6. In the Report Name text box, type a name for the report

  7. In the Report Type section, select the information and statistics to include in the report
    HINT: For a more detailed description of an item, click HELPHelp button

  8. In the Release section, select when you want the report to be available
    New Quiz Report: Release section

  9. In the Release Report To section, select who will be allowed to view this report

  10. Click SAVE REPORT

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