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Desire2Learn 9.0

Desire2Learn: A Quick Start

Desire2Learn is a course management system used by many UW-Eau Claire faculty to enhance face-to-face instruction or for totally online courses. To get started with Desire2Learn, you will need to know the following basics:

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For students and faculty, Desire2Learn requirements are:

Based on the resources used in a class, instructors may require additional software or hardware. Students should check directly with their instructor for course-specific requirements.

Students who are taking a course hosted by UW-Eau Claire but who do not come to the physical campus will be sent their username and initial password.

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By logging in with your UW-Eau Claire username and password, you can easily connect to your Desire2Learn course(s). Disconnecting from Desire2Learn is just as simple.

Connecting to Desire2Learn

  1. Open your web browser

  2. The D2L link is located on the top right of the UWEC home page, above the search box.
    Or, go to:
    The Welcome screen with the Login pane appears.
    Login pane

  3. In the Username text box, type your username

  4. In the Password text box, type your password

  5. Click LOGIN
    The My Home page appears with a list of the Desire2Learn courses you are enrolled in.

Disconnecting from Desire2Learn

  1. From any page, on the Navigation bar, click LOGOUT
    The Welcome screen with the Login pane appears.

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When you log in to Desire2Learn, the My Home page appears. It is your personal gateway to your Desire2Learn courses. All your courses will appear in the My Courses widget. News items are used to post important news and announcements for all UW-Eau Claire D2L users. The My Home page allows you to customize settings through the My Settings widget. For more about the My Home page, see The My Home Page: An Overview.

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From the My Home page, you can choose which course home page you would like to access. The Course Home page opens with a display of current news for the course, unless the course settings have been reset. The Navigation bar contains links to the different elements of the course.

  1. On the My Home page, from the My Eau Claire Courses widget, click the desired course
    The Course Home page appears.
    NOTE: For more information on the options available through your course home page, refer to The Course Page: An Overview.

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