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Desire2Learn 9.0

Creating New Questions in the Question Library

This document will help you create questions in the Question Library. Creating sections can help organize your questions. For more information, refer to Creating Sections in the Question Library. If you are new to working with Desire2Learn quizzes, refer to Creating a Quiz or Quizzing: Process Overview.

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The types of questions that can be created in the Question Library are identical to those that can be created in quizzes. For more information, refer to Understanding Question Types in the Creating Quiz Questions document.

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You can create several different types of questions in the Question Library and you may want to create sections in the Quiz Library in order to keep the different types organized.

  1. From the Course Home page, on the Navigation bar, click QUIZZES
    The Manage Quizzes pane appears.

  2. Click QUESTION LIBRARYQuestion Library button
    The Question Library pane appears.
    Question Library pane

  3. OPTIONAL: Create or click on the section to which you want to add questions

  4. From the Create New pull-down menu, select the type of question you want to create

  5. Click GO
    The New <Question Type> Question pane appears with options for the type of question you are creating.

  6. Fill in the information as appropriate
    NOTE: Options will vary depending on the type of quiz question.

    Option Description
    Title Question titles are optional, but may help in organizing your Question Library because the title, rather than the entire question, is shown in the Question Library pane.
    Points This determines the number of points the question is worth.
    Difficulty Assigning a difficulty can be helpful if you are weighting your questions. You can select difficulty settings of 1-5. The default value is 1.
    Question Text This is the actual text of the question to be answered by the student, written in plain text or HTML.
    Image Displaying an image pertinent to the question is optional.
    EXAMPLE: An instructor might want to display a chart to be analyzed before question text.
    Question Hint Creating a question hint is optional and can be written in plain text or HTML.
    Question Feedback Creating question feedback (comments) is optional and can be written in plain text or HTML.

  7. To preview the question, click PREVIEW
    To save the question, click SAVE
    To save the question and create a copy of it to base the next question on, click SAVE & COPY
    To save the question and create another of the same type of question, click SAVE & NEW

  8. When finished creating your questions, in the upper right corner of the screen, click BACK TO QUIZZES

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