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Desire2Learn 9.0

Guidelines: Course Access

Students have a right to expect privacy in their courses -- traditional classroom, web-based, or web-enhanced. Refer to Faculty Responsibilities for more information.  

If you are allowing others into your course, an announcement needs to be be made to the students before the "guest" has access to the course. 

Generic Accounts
Generic students are pseudo-students that provide you access to your course so you can see it from the student perspective and for testing purposes. This can be especially helpful the first time you are working with the product and want to test the flow through the course and to understand what features students can and cannot access. 

The generic student accounts are not intended to be used by special students, faculty, or others lurking in the course. 

Academic Assistants
If you have an academic assistant for your course, you may add this person to the online component of the class. For instructions, refer to Adding Participants to a Course.

If you are codeveloper a course, you may add others to the course. General categories of rights: instructor, academic assistant.

Guest Access
Course management systems provide an opportunity for you to bring guest experts from around the world without the logistical issues. We can create accounts for any new guests who need access to your class. To request a guest account for someone who has never accessed UW-Eau Claire's D2L course site before, email the Help Desk with the first and last name and email address of the person. Guests should be granted access to the course only for the relevant time frame.

Contact the Help Desk to add people in the role of student.

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