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Desire2Learn 9.0

My Home Page: An Overview

When using Desire2Learn, you will first be taken to the My Home page. Through this page, you can access the courses you are enrolled in as well as news, preferences, your calendar, and email.

On the My Home page, several items may be present. The items contained within separate panes are referred to as widgets, such as News and My Settings, and the Global Tools are located on the Navigation bar. Descriptions of each are discussed below.

My Eau Claire Courses This widget displays a list of courses that you have been enrolled in, taught, are teaching, or will be teaching in the near future. Clicking on a course will bring you to the Course Home page for that course.
News Important announcements pertinent to all D2L users, such as special maintenance items, are posted by the system administrators and are displayed in this area.
My Settings Through this widget you can access your preferences, homepage, profile, and locker.
Course Activation/ Course Request Form This widget has a link to the instructions for course activation; allows you to request D2L courses for combined class sections, for development, or for other academic business; and explains the use of role definitions.
FAQ A list of frequently asked questions about D2L are displayed in this widget. Click the linked question to find the answer.
Weekly Maintenance The D2L regular maintenance schedule is displayed in this widget.

Global Tools can be found at the top of the page, in the left upper and lower navigation bars.left upper and lower navigation bars

Global Tool
My Home Returns you to the My Home page.
Email Allows you to send email messages to your classmates or your professor. For more information, see Sending Email in Desire2Learn.
Schedule The Schedule (calendar) provides a central location for course and personal events, such as add/drop periods, exams, and personal appointments. For more information, see Using the Schedule.
Locker This tool provides an additional storage area for files. Files in this area can be made public or kept private. This is especially useful when working at multiple workstations.
Chat Allows users to participate in active chats. They are synchronous (i.e., live, real time) discussions. This area allows you to enter Chat or view previous sessions (archives) of the Chat.  For more information, see Chat Options.
Links Contains links relevant to teaching and learning topics.
Logout Logs you out of Desire2Learn and brings you to the Welcome page.


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