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Desire2Learn 9.0

Grades Tool: Process Overview

This table shows an overview of steps to use with the Desire2Learn Grades tool. Following these steps will help you understand the Desire2Learn Grades tool and take advantage of its features.

Step Process

Step I:
Grades Setup

Step II:
Create Categories

  • Use categories to group items if using a points grading system (optional)
  • Use categories to weight items if using a weighted calculation system

Step III: 
Create Grade Items

  • Add a grade item
  • Select a grade item type
  • Assign the grade item to a category
  • Assign points
  • Determine whether the item is a bonus item or contains extra credit
  • Assign a grading scheme if not using the default

Step IV: 
Maintain Your Grades List

  • Modify grade items / categories
  • Choose display and viewing options
  • Grade certain items manually
  • Change grades
  • Delete grades
  • Export your grades for backup

Step V: 
Final Grades


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