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Desire2Learn 9.0

Working with the Final Grade

This document describes settings for the final grade in your Desire2Learn gradebook. In order for these recommended settings to work, you should have your Grade Calculations set as described in Gradebook: Setup Wizard.

To submit final grades to the Registrar's Office, see Online Submission of Grades.

Return to topSetting Final Grade Properties

Final grade properties determine how the Final Grade item is displayed in the Grades List. The properties need to be set only once each semester.

  1. From the Course Home page, click GRADES
    The User List pane appears.

  2. In the Grades Area widget, click MANAGE GRADESManage Grades button
    The Grades List appears.

  3. In the Grade Item column, click ADJUSTED FINAL GRADE
    The Edit Adjusted Final Grade pane appears with the Properties tab selected.

  4. If you are using extra credit or bonus items, to allow the final grade to exceed total points (or 100%), in the Grading section, select Can Exceed
    Adjusted Final Grade Properties: Grading section

  5. To change the default grade scheme, select a grade scheme from the Grade Scheme pull-down menu

  6. To make statistics visible to students, in the Display Options section, for Submission View, select the desired options
    Adjusted Final Grade Properties: Display Options section

  7. Click SAVE
    The changes are saved.

Return to topRecalculating the Final Grade

These steps need to be performed each time grade items are updated in order for the Final Grade to reflect those changes.

  1. From the Course Home page, click GRADES
    The User List pane appears.

  2. In the Final Grades column, click ENTER GRADESEnter Grades button
    The Final Grades pane appears.

  3. Click RECALCULATE ALLRecalculate All button
    The Recalculate All dialog box appears.
    Recalculate All dialog box

  4. To recalculate the unadjusted final grade, select Calculated Final Grade

  5. Click CALCULATE
    The Grade Items Included in Calculated Final Grade dialog box appears.

  6. Click CALCULATE
    A confirmation dialog box appears.

  7. Click YES
    The grades are recalculated.

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