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Quiz FAQs

return to topHow can I help my students avoid technical problems when taking a quiz?

Suggest that they:

return to topWhat option should I select when specifying the "Late Submissions" setting for my quiz?

You can choose from three options on the Restrictions tab when specifying how late attempts are to be handled:

Allow Normal Submission
Users can always submit their quiz, regardless of time limits. No points are deducted if the quiz is submitted after the time limit.

Use Late Limit of # Minutes
Users can always submit their quiz, regardless of the set time limit. If the quiz is submitted after the time limit + late limit time expires, the user will receive a score of 0 on the quiz. This score can still be manually graded if it is felt that the user deserves more than 0 points.

Auto-Submit Attempt
The system can only automatically submit an attempt when the user performs an action after the time period has expired. If the user takes no action, the quiz will show the attempt as 'attempt in progress' in the quiz grading area.

BEST PRACTICE: We recommend that you use the Allow Normal Submission option. You will still be able to see when quiz was submitted and which questions were answered after the time limit expired (as long as the student saved each question while taking the quiz) so you can manually deduct points for being late. The other options eliminate flexibility in grading and can cause problems if a student submission is late due to technical problems.

return to topShould I display the questions after my students are done taking a quiz?

Many instructors are hesitant to display questions to students after a quiz because students can then download and share the questions. While many instructors make some changes to their quiz and exam questions each semester, some are still concerned about giving students access to the questions and answers to quizzes for fear that students will share the questions with future students, giving them an unfair advantage. On the other hand, instructors also want to give their students valuable feedback so they can learn from their mistakes and better prepare for future quizzes. Here are some different options for providing feedback on exam questions:

return to topCan I wait to display the quiz questions with correct answers to the students until after everyone has taken the quiz?

Yes. You can create two submission views. The default will not display any questions or answers. The custom submission view can be set to display the questions, answers, or other information you choose. The start date/time for this custom submission view can be set to start after the quiz period has ended. Follow these steps to create a custom submission view:

  1. On the navigation bar, click QUIZZES
    The Manage Quizzes pane appears.

  2. Click the quiz you want to edit
    The Edit Quiz pane appears.

  3. Select the Submission Views tab


  5. In the Name text box, type a name for the Submission View

  6. Using the Date pull-down menus, set the date and time for after your quiz has ended
    RECOMMENDED: If teaching a course with multiple sections, set the date for after all sections have finished taking the quiz.

  7. In the View Details section, under Show Questions?

    1. Select Yes
    2. Select Show all questions with user responses
    3. Select Show question answers
  8. Click SAVE VIEW

return to topHow can I give my students the points they deserve if I selected the wrong correct answer for one of my quiz questions?

If the quiz has already begun, contact and someone on the Online Course Support Team will fix the question.

If the quiz has not yet begun, follow these steps to fix the question:

  1. From the Navigation bar, click QUIZZES
    The Manage Quizzes pane appears.

  2. Click the quiz you want to edit
    The Edit Quiz pane appears.

  3. Select the Layout/Questions tab


  5. Click the question that needs to be fixed
    The Edit [Question type] Question pane appears.

  6. Change the Weight of the answer that is currently marked as correct from 100 to 0

  7. Change the Weight of the answer that should be marked as correct from 0 to 100

  8. Click SAVE
    If the question is saved in more than one place, the Question in Use pane will appear.

  9. Select all of the items to which you would like the changes to apply

  10. Click SAVE

    NOTE: Changing the answer to a quiz question after students have taken a quiz will not automatically change their grades. Contact the Help Desk for updating quiz scores after changing answers.

return to topHow can I give special access to a student who needs to take a quiz early?

  1. From the Navigation bar click QUIZZES

  2. Click the quiz you want to edit
    The Edit Quiz pane appears.

  3. Select the Restrictions tab

  4. In the Advanced Availability section, select Allow selected users special access to this quiz

    The Special Access dialog box appears.

  6. To give a student a different exam period, change the Date Availability

  7. To change the time allowed to take the quiz, change the Time Limit

  8. From the student list, select the desired student(s)
    NOTE: A student is selected when a checkmark appears next to their name.

  9. When you are finished, click ADD SELECTED

  10. Click SAVE QUIZ

return to topHow can I manually change a student's quiz score after they have taken the quiz?

  1. From the Navigation bar, click QUIZZES
    The Manage Quizzes pane appears.

  2. Click the quiz you want to edit
    The Edit Quiz pane appears.

  3. Click GRADEGrade button

  4. Click the attempt you want to change

  5. In the Grading Feedback section, change the entire quiz score by changing the value in the Final Score text box

  6. OPTIONAL: To change the value for each question

    1. In the Score text boxes, change the value for the appropriate questions
    2. Click RECALCULATE
  7. Click SAVE

  8. If your grades are exported to the Grades tool, click GO BACK TO ATTEMPTS/USERS

  9. Verify that the attempt you edited has a check in the Graded column

  10. Click UPDATE

return to topHow can I have quiz scores appear automatically in the gradebook?

Create a grade item in the Grades tool. Then, when you set up the quiz, follow these steps:

  1. From the Navigation bar, click QUIZZES
    The Manage Quizzes pane appears.

  2. Click the quiz you want to edit
    The Edit Quiz pane appears.

  3. On the Properties tab, select the Grade Item to which you want the scores to export

  4. Select Auto-Export to Grades: allow automatic export to grades

  5. Select Automatic Grade: allow attempt to be set as graded immediately upon completion

  6. Click SAVE QUIZ

If you want to export the scores for a quiz that students have already taken, follow the steps above and then do the following:

  1. Click GRADE

  2. Select all the attempts on the page
    NOTE: An attempt is selected when a checkbox appears.

  3. Click UPDATE
    You will need to repeat steps 1-3 for any subsequent pages of quiz attempts.

return to topWhy are my students being prompted to Allow Web Page to Access Clipboard when taking a quiz?

When using Internet Explorer 7, you may receive the prompt Error: Do you want to allow this web page to access your clipboard?

Clicking OK or the "x" to close the window may not allow you to proceed. For example, students may not be able to take a quiz.

To resolve the problem, suggest your students do the following:

  1. In the upper right corner of the Internet Explorer browser window, from the Tools pull-down menu, select Internet Options
    The Internet Options dialog box appears.

  2. Select the Security tab


  4. Click SITES
    The Trusted sites dialog box appears.

  5. Under "Add this web site to the zone", type the following if not already there:

  6. Click ADD

  7. Click CLOSE


  9. Under Settings scroll down to Scripting

  10. Under Allow Programmatic clipboard access, click ENABLE

  11. Click OK
    You are returned to the Internet Options dialog box.

  12. Click OK

Students should no longer encounter the clipboard error when taking a quiz. If they do, they should contact the LTS Help Desk ( or 715-836-5711)

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