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Desire2Learn 9.0

Grades FAQs

return to topIf I copied my gradebook from another course do I need to go through the grades setup process again?

Yes. Use the setup wizard as certain items return to the default when a course is copied over. Contact if you have any questions regarding Grades setup.

return to topShould I back up my gradebook?

Yes, you should back up your gradebook regularly. See Exporting Grades to learn how.

return to topWhy does it take so long to update my grades?

The D2L Grades tool is a very robust tool and therefore requires more bandwidth and/or memory from your computer when processing requests. In addition, when multiple users are working in the Grades tool (e.g., at the end of the semester), the system slows down to accommodate the additional demands. The slowest times of the day are between 10:00 am and 6:00 pm. While not many people are using D2L after midnight, there are background processes running to back up data on the servers and synchronize with campus databases. These processes may also slow down the system and will be evident when using resource-intensive tools, such as the Grades tool.

return to topI receive a 500 error when I try to save the changes after adding student grades.

The 500 errors generally appear when the system is already slow and there is high demand on the system or maintenance is occurring. We recommend users wait until the peak usage time is over and the system is not as slow or until the maintenance period has ended to update grades. Otherwise, users can use a CSV spreadsheet to update grades locally and then upload the file to import the grades in D2L. The upload may also result in a 500 error if there is a high demand on the system but the grades will not be lost. See Working with CSV Files for more information.

return to topHow can I make my students' extra credit points appear in their final grades?

Most often, the problem is occurring because the bonus item is part of a category and Can Exceed (for a points gradebook)or Allow category grade to exceed category weight (for a weighted gradebook) is not selected. Select the appropriate option to allow the extra credit points to be applied to the final grade. If this option is not selected, then the points will only be applied within the category.

View the LTS Documentation for additional information on Bonus items and Extra Credit in the D2L Grades tool. As always, you can also contact if you have any questions regarding your gradebook.


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