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Desire2Learn 9.0

General FAQs

return to topThe text on my screen is too small. How can I fix it?

You can change the default size of the font in D2L.

  1. Access the Course Home page

  2. In the Welcome Box widget, click PREFERENCES

  3. Select the Appearance & Accessibility tab

  4. In the Font Settings section, use the Font Face and Font Size pull-down menus to change the font and font size

  5. Click SAVE

return to topWho can I contact if I have technical problems?

return to topWhat do I do if a student in my class is not participating?

Try contacting the student via email or telephone if a number is available. The student might list a number in their D2L profile. You can also send an automessage using Intelligent Agents.

return to topHow do I send emails to my students?

The email tool in D2L allows users to send emails, but you cannot receive them within D2L. For step-by-step instructions, refer to Sending Email in D2L.

return to topCan I add additional links to the course navigation bar?

There may be additional D2L tools that you would like to add to your course navigation bar. Adding a link is referred to as activating it and removing a link is referred to as deactivating it. Step-by-step instructions can be found in Customizing the Navigation Bars: Activating and Deactivating Links. To create a new navigation bar, refer to Creating and Activating Navigation Bars.

You can also create your own links to add to the navigation bar. For example, in a finance course, students might visit the NASDAQ website frequently and the instructor might want to add this link to the course navigation bar. To add a custom link, refer to Customizing the Navigation Bars: Creating New Custom Links.


return to topHow can I deter my students from cheating in an online course?

The LTS Online Help for D2L includes a document with several tips for Ensuring Academic Honesty in Your Online Course. While this document provides some helpful tips that are easy to use, it is important to remember that technology alone cannot prevent students from cheating; the types of assessments you use have a far greater impact on academic honesty.

Consider asking open-ended questions or assigning papers and projects rather than using multiple-choice exams as your major assessments. Multiple assessments and multiple assessment types also help deter students from cheating. Contact to discuss additional strategies.

return to topHow do I provide feedback to my students?

D2L offers many tools for providing feedback to your students.

Consider typing a general message to all of your students in the News area. You could use this to post a welcome message at the beginning of the course or announce changing due dates. For more information, see Working with News.

You can give feedback on items submitted to the dropbox either by typing in the feedback text box or by uploading a marked copy of the student's original file. You can use the Track Changes and Comments tools in Word to add comments and make changes to student work. You might also want to consider embedding audio clips in dropbox items to provide more personalized feedback for each student while also saving time by speaking and not typing your feedback. Refer to Working with the Dropbox: Giving Feedback for step-by-step instructions.

You can add feedback for the entire class using the Overall Comments text box.You can also leave comments for individual students for individual grade items, much like in the dropbox. See Entering Student Grades.

In the Quizzes tool, you can provide general feedback to each student individually on each quiz or you can make specific comments for each question. To save time, you can add feedback to each question in the quiz so students get immediate feedback based on how they answer each question. For more information, see Creating Quiz Questions.

Using email for feedback works best when providing private student feedback. If possible, keep your comments in the course so that you have a record of any information shared with the student. If you do email feedback to a student, be sure to keep a record of all comments shared between you and the student. For more information, see Sending Email in Desire2Learn.

Discussion Topic
To communicate with students using the Discussion tool, create a discussion topic for student questions. For more information, see Setting Up Discussions.

If you are interested in learning how you can integrate these strategies for sharing feedback into your online course, please contact

return to topHow can I use widgets in my online course?

Widgets are the boxes that contain content on your Course Home page. The widgets that appear on your course home page by default are My Settings, Bookmarks, Course Administration, News, My UW-Eau Claire Resources, Role Switch, and Course Enrollment. You can also create your own widgets to customize your course home page. For instructions on creating widgets, see Working with Widgets. Below are some suggestions for using widgets in your online course:

Refer to the following articles for additional ideas:

return to topI keep losing information I type in D2L. Should I type in Word and then copy/paste to D2L?

Some users report that after spending a lot of time typing information into D2L it disappears. This could happen if the user navigates away from the page before saving or the user's browser freezes and must shut down before the text has been saved.

If you find that you are running into these problems often, then it might be worthwhile to type your text in Word first and then copy/paste it into D2L.
On the Advanced tab in the HTML Editor, use the Paste from Word option Paste from Word button

Word also offers a better spell checker than D2L.

return to topWhy are my D2L pop-up windows being blocked?

There are a couple of possible causes for pop-up windows being blocked in D2L.

The Pop-Up Blocker may be turned on in your browser

If this is the case, you need to add the D2L site to the list of allowed sites. Visit your browser's support site

The Yahoo! or Google Toolbar may be installed in your browser

If this is the case, you need to uninstall the toolbar in order for the pop-ups to work in D2L. Visit the Yahoo! web site or the Google web site to learn how to uninstall the toolbar.

To open a pop-up window while blocking pop-ups, press [Ctrl] and then open the pop-up window.

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