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Desire2Learn 9.0

Adding a Dropbox Folder and Creating a Linked Dropbox

For the online aspects of a course, the Dropbox is the most efficient method for students to submit assignments and for instructors to provide feedback. The Dropbox is used by the instructor to retrieve and grade electronically submitted assignments. Using the Dropbox, the instructor can provide both text and numerical feedback to students.

To ensure that students see their assignment grades and instructor comments in both the dropbox and grades area, instructors are encouraged to create Dropboxes which link directly to the Grades subsection if using the grading tool in D2L.

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There must be a folder in the Dropbox before students can submit assignments. It is recommended that you create a folder for each assignment that will be submitted. When you create a folder, you can create a new category or assign the folder to an existing category.

  1. From the Course Home page, on the Navigation bar, click DROPBOX
    The Dropbox Folders pane appears.

  2. Click NEW FOLDER
    The New Folder pane appears.
    Dropbox New Folder pane

  3. On the Properties tab, in the Name text box, type the desired name
    Folder names may contain underscores and hyphens.
    Folder names should not contain the following special characters: * / : > < | ' & # { } ".

  4. Optional: From the Category pull-down menu, select the desired category
    To create a dropbox category,

    1. Click NEW CATEGORY
      The New Dropbox Category dialog box appears.

    2. In the Name text box, type the desired category name

    3. Click SAVE
      You category is created and you are returned to the New Folder pane.

  5. To link this folder with a grade item, please follow the instructions below.

  6. To add instructions, in the Custom Instructions text box, type the desired instructions

  7. Click SAVE
    The new folder will now be added to the Dropbox Folders section.

return to topCreating a Dropbox Linked to Grades

  1. Follow the above instructions for adding a new Dropbox folder and completing the Folder Properties form

  2. Once the Folder Properties form is complete, click NEW GRADE ITEM, located to the right of the Grade Item pull-down menu
    The New Grade Item window appears

  3. Complete the New Grade Item form with information pertaining to this particular assignment. Click SAVE when complete. You will now be back at the Folder Properties form
    Use the same name as the Dropbox to avoid confusion.
    The number entered in the Max Points entry box should be the same number that was entered in the Out Of entry box in the Folder Properties form.

  4. If done correctly, the entry in the Name entry box will be identical to the selection in Grade Item pull-down menu
    Folder Properties

  5. After checking the form for accurate information, click SAVE in the lower right-hand corner
    NOTE: This new Dropbox will now be listed in the Gradebook

  6. See the link on Grading and Leaving Feedback for a Dropbox Assignment to ensure the feedback and grade left is viewable in both the dropbox and grades area.


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