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Desire2Learn 9.0

Discussions: Setting Group Restrictions

Once forums and topics have been created and groups have been defined, you can set group permissions for your discussions. This allows you to set up discussions for specified groups by restricting forums or topics. If you restrict a forum or topic, only members of designated groups will be able to view or post messages in that forum or topic.

This document uses the example of setting group restrictions for a discussion topic.

NOTE: You must have groups created before you can set group restrictions.

  1. From the Course Home page, on the Navigation bar, click DISCUSSIONS
    The Forums & Topics List page appears.

  2. For the discussion topic you want to restrict, click EDITEdit button
    The Edit Topic pane appears.

  3. Select the Restrictions tab

  4. In the Group Restrictions section, if necessary, click SHOW TOPIC GROUP RESTRICTIONS

  5. Select Restrict this topic to the following groups
    Edit Topic pane - Group Restrictions section

  6. Click ADD GROUPS
    The Add Groups dialog box appears.
    Add Groups dialog box

  7. From the Group Category pull-down menu, select the group category that contains the desired group
    The groups for that category are displayed.

  8. Select the desired group
    A group is selected if a checkmark appears before it.
    Only selected groups will be able to access the discussion topic.

  9. Click ADD
    You are returned to the Edit Topic pane.

  10. Click SAVE
    The group restrictions for the discussion topic are set.

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