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Desire2Learn 9.0

The Course Home Page: An Overview

The Course Home page is the first page you see when you select a course. At the top is the Navigation bar, which will be displayed on every page in the course.The rest of the page is devoted to widgets. Using the Navigation bar and the widgets, you can access content and tools used in the course.

return to topAccessing the Course Home page

Accessing the Course Home page is very simple.

  1. Log in to Desire2Learn
    The My Home page appears.

  2. In the My Eau Claire Courses widget, click on the desired course
    The Course Home page appears.

return to topCourse Tools

At the top of the Course Home page is the Navigation bar. It contains links to various tools. For a description of some of the available tools, see Course Tools: An Overview. To change which tools are on the Navigation bar, see Customizing the Navigation Bars. Unlike widgets, the Navigation bar is present on every page in the course, not just the Course Home page.

return to topWidgets

On the Course Home page, several items may be present. The items contained within separate panes (e.g., Welcome Box, Bookmarks) are referred to as widgets.

Welcome Box
Allows you to adjust your Preferences, Homepage, and Profile as well as view your Progress and Locker.

Displays bookmarked Content items.

Course Administration (Instructors only)
Displays the links to Course Administration tools, which can also be reached through EDIT COURSE on the Navigation bar. These tools allow you to plan and customize elements of your Desire2Learn course.

Allows instructors to create news items for the entire class to read. The newest items are displayed at the top. This widget is sometimes used to post welcome messages and reminders.

My UW-Eau Claire Resources
Displays a list of resources and help links.

Role Switch (Instructors only)
Allows you to to view your course as a student or instructor.

Course Enrollment (Instructors only)
Contains links to information and support for enrolling participants in Desire2Learn courses.



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