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Working with Attendance Registers

Attendance registers are used to record students' presence at or participation in course-related sessions. Information, including class lists and events, is added to the register in order to quickly and easily document student activity using the Attendance tool.

This document covers the following tasks:

return to topCreating Attendance Registers

By creating attendance registers, the instructor can set general properties, select student users, and establish mandatory attendance sessions. These features help organize registers by name and description, create easy attendance procedures using class lists, and allow the monitoring of attendance rates and required attendance sessions.

NOTE: You must have the desired attendance scheme available or created prior to creating the attendance register. See Working with Attendance Schemes.

Setting Properties

When creating a new register, instructors must first access a blank register and create properties. The Properties section establishes the name, description, and attendance scheme used in the register. The Properties section also allows the instructor to designate whether they wish to share attendance information with students, and set the Cause for Concern (%) which alerts the instructor when a student's attendance performance falls below a chosen acceptable percentage.

  1. From the Course Home page, on the Navigation bar, click ATTENDANCE
    The Attendance Registers page appears.

    The New Register page appears.

  3. In the Properties section, in the Name text field, type the name for this register

  4. OPTIONAL: In the Description text box, type a description of the register

  5. From the Attendance Scheme pull-down list, select the scheme for this register
    For additional information on using Attendance Schemes, see Working with Attendance Schemes.

  6. To view poor attendance records at a glance on your registers, in the Cause for Concern (%) text box, type the highest unacceptable percentage attendance.
    EXAMPLE: Type 50
    NOTE: For further information on Cause for Concern (%) see Taking Attendance.

  7. To allow students to view their attendance information, in the Visibility field, select Allow Users to View This Attendance Register
    The option is selected if a checkmark appears.

  8. Continue with Selecting Users

Selecting Users

By selecting users, instructors can add their entire class of students, or groups of students to the attendance register.

  1. To include all students in the course, from the New Register page, in the Users section, select Include All Users in the Course
    To include only some of the students, from the New Register page, in the Users section, select Include All Users in the Following Groups/Sections
    The ADD GROUPS/SECTIONS button becomes active.

  2. Click ADD GROUPS/SECTIONSAdd Groups/Sections Button
    The Add Groups/Sections dialog box appears.

  3. From the Group/Section Category pull-down menu, select the desired category

  4. In the Group/Section Name section, select the desired group(s)

  5. Click ADD
    The group displays in the Users section. For more information on creating and using groups, see Working with Groups.
    Users Section

  6. Continue with Entering Sessions

Entering Sessions

Sessions are established for each event that requires student participation or attendance. Events may be class sessions, performances, speakers or other course-related events.

  1. From the New Register page, in the first Session Name text box, type the first attendance event, (e.g., Performance, Class

  2. In the first Session Description text box, type a short description of the event
    OPTIONAL: In the Order pull-down list, select a number to designate the order in which entry will appear on the register.
    Sessions Section

  3. To complete additional sessions, repeat steps 1-2

  4. To add additional sessions,
    1. Click SAVE
    2. In the Add Sessions field, type the number of sessions you wish to add
    3. Click ADD SESSIONS
      The new Session Name fields appears.
    4. Repeat steps 1-2
      Sessions Section
  5. When finished editing sessions, click SAVE
    The new register is saved.

return to topEditing Attendance Registers

Throughout the course of the semester, instructors may wish to add additional sessions or change existing properties or change included users. Maintenance and updates must done by editing the desired attendance register.

  1. From the Attendance Registers page, next to the register you wish to edit, click EDITEdit Button
    The Edit Register page appears.

  2. Make the desired changes

  3. Click SAVE
    The changes are saved.

return to topDeleting Attendance Registers

To better organize the Attendance tool it is important to delete excess or inactive attendance registers.

  1. From the Attendance Registers page, next to the register you wish to delete, click DELETE Delete Button
    The Confirmation dialog box displays.

  2. Click DELETE
    The register is deleted.

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