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Desire2Learn 9.0

The Attendance Tool: An Overview

The Attendance tool can track the presence and participation of students at required class events. When used by the instructor, students can use this tool to monitor and review their attendance and performance over the course of the class.

NOTE: The Attendance tool is not linked to the Grades tool.

This document covers the following information:

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The Attendance tool can record the presence of students at events and track participation in classroom or online discussions. Events can be defined and weighted towards a final attendance or participation score and shared with students over Desire2Learn. Consider using the Attendance tool to monitor students' attendance and participation in the following events:

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The Attendance tool is comprised of two features, the Attendance Scheme and the Attendance Register. These elements work together to provide instructors with a customized method for tracking attendance and participation. This section provides an overview of these features and terminology.

Attendance Scheme
designates the criteria for marking student attendance in registers. Default schemes are available, or custom schemes can be created using the Attendance tool. Each Attendance Register is assigned an Attendance Scheme that defines the attendance statuses for each session, (e.g., present, absent, late, excused). Schemes can be simple, or more complex depending on the needs of the instructor. This provides flexibility to accommodate a wide range of attendance options. For more information, refer to Creating an Attendance Scheme.

Attendance Register
displays and tracks attendance at various course events. Registers are created to define the attendance events, (e.g., class sessions, performances), define the attendees (e.g., students) create expectations, and outline the percentage of the overall score each attendance event is worth. For more information, refer to Creating Attendance Registers.

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