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Desire2Learn 9.0

Adding Participants to a Course

An instructor can add participants to their course and give them various D2L privileges. For example, you can add an Academic Assistant who can help you post content or grade assignments. This document describes various participant roles and shows how to add a participant to a course.

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When you add a participant, you must assign them a role. The assigned role determines what functions the participant can perform in the class.

is the instructor of record as identified by the Registrar’s office.

Academic Assistant
has the same access to course components as an instructor.

Academic Assistant 2
has the same access to course components as an instructor except for access to Grades.

can view only the course content as displayed in the Content area.


Participant Roles Table
  Content Discussions Dropbox Quizzes Grades
  View Edit Edit Participate Edit Folders Evaluate Submissions Edit Evaluate Edit Items Edit Grades
Instructor x x x x x x x x x x
Academic Assistant x x x x x x x x x x
Academic Assistant 2 x x x x x x x x    
Guest x                  

are the students enrolled in the class as identified by the Registrar’s office. They are added and updated automatically.

Generic Student
has the same access to a course as an enrolled student plus can access courses outside of the StartDate and EndDate. Finally, activities of a generic student (e.g., quiz taking) are not reflected in the statistics (e.g., quiz statistics).
WARNING: Do not assign this role to students who want to be enrolled in the class. Enrolled students will appear automatically in the course. Students who do not appear automatically in the Classlist should contact the Registrar’s Office to ensure that they receive credit for the class.


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The students enrolled in your course are automatically added to your D2L course. However, you may add other participants as needed. The following instructions show you how to add an existing user as a participant in your course. To add a guest (a non-UWEC member), contact the Help Desk (836-5711).

  1. Log in to Desire2Learn

  2. On the My Home page, in the list of My Eau Claire Courses, click the course to which you want to add a participant

  3. On the Navigation bar, click CLASSLIST
    The Classlist page appears.

  4. Click ADD PARTICIPANTSAdd Participants button
    The Add Participants page appears.

  5. To add a current UWEC user, click ADD AN EXISTING USER
    The Add Existing Participant page appears.
    Add Existing Participant page

  6. Leave the Set all roles to pull-down list at the default --Select a Role--
    NOTE: The participant's role will be set once they are selected (step 11).

  7. Leave the Send Enrollment email deselected
    WARNING: Selecting this option will send the participant's password through email.

  8. In the Add Existing Participant section, in the Search For text box, type your search criteria
    RECOMMENDED: Search the participant's username. Searching on Last Name can yield a large number of results.

  9. Click SEARCH
    A list of people matching your search criteria appears.

  10. From the list, select the person you want to add
    The name is selected when a checkmark appears in the box.
    List of matching participants

  11. For the selected person, from the Select a Role pull-down menu, select the appropriate role

    The Confirmation of Enrollment page appears.

  13. Click DONE

  14. RECOMMENDED: Return to the Classlist and verify the participant's enrollment.

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