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Desire2Learn 9.0

Activating a Course

Before students can access your course in D2L, you must activate it. This document describes the differences between inactive and active courses and how to activate a course.

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Both active and inactive courses are visible for instructors.

Active Course
has been activated by the instructor. Once activated, it appears in the list of D2L courses for students enrolled in the course, even if a minimum enrollment requirement has not been met. Students can access/enter the course only during the period defined by the StartDate and EndDate as specified by the instructor.

Inactive Course
appears in the list of D2L courses only for the instructor as soon as students begin officially enrolling in it. Inactive courses are identified by this iconInactive course icon. If an instructor inactivates an active D2L course, that course appears as inactive in the list of courses for the instructor, but it no longer displays in the list of courses for students enrolled in that class.

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When you activate a D2L course it becomes visible to students who are enrolled in it. Students will be able to enter the course within the StartDate and EndDate parameters that you set. These instructions specifically address activating a D2L course. For information on other options found on the Course Offering Information page, refer to Customizing the Course Info.

  1. Login to Desire2Learn

  2. On the My Home page, in the list of My Eau Claire Courses, click the inactive course you want to activate

  3. In the upper right corner of the Course Home page, click EDIT COURSE
    The Course Administration page appears.

    The Course Offering Information page appears.
    course offering information page

  5. Select Course is active

  6. OPTIONAL: Adjust the course StartDate and EndDate
    NOTE: By default the StartDate is the first day of class for the term and the EndDate is two weeks following the last day of finals for the term. You can adjust these to open the course earlier or to make materials available for a longer period following the course.
    For more information refer to Customizing the Course Info.

  7. Click SAVE
    The course is active.

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