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Golden Key Executive Board Meeting Minutes
Wednesday, September 13, 2006
Oak Room, Davies Center

  1. Grad School Fair ~ October 19th
    • We viewed the potential list from last May, and letters were sent to off campus schools in June
    • There is a list of 25 currently registerd schools
    • Erik Rotvald called and followed up with schools that had not responded
    • Erik Rotvald and Andy Phillips sent a letter to our own graduate schools offering them registration at a reduced cost.
    • We looked over sample packets for our confrence registrants, which consisted of instructions for the day and an end of the day evaluation.
  2. Graduate School Fair Committees
    • We signed up as committee chairs, but any additional help is welcomed!
      1. Two Co-coordinators: Tom and Lori
      2. Invitations/Registration: Jim Becky, and Kristina
      3. Publicity: Leslie (?) and Anne
      4. Publications/Floor Plan Committee: Anne, Jen, and Leslie
        • committes 3 and 4 may work together as one larger committee
      5. Food and Hospitality: Gabbi and Paula
      6. Floor Managers: Becky (anyone else?)
    • Chairs need to come up with a dealine list of things that need to get done
  3. Treasurer's Report
    • Tom gave the report: We have $434.00 in our education account and $311.19 in our normal account.
  4. Service Ideas
    • We decided to wait to do service activities until November because October is a busy month with the graduate school fair
    • Potential project for November 11th there is Special Olympic Bowling on Upper Campus
  5. Nominations for Honorary Members for fall induction need to turned in by October 5th, 2006 contact (Lori) with any nominations
    • October 28th, 2006 is the upcoming fall induction ceremony please plan to attend :]
  6. Next General Meeting
    • September 20th (Wed) at 5pm, room to be announced
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