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Golden Key Executive Board Meeting Minutes
Tuesday, April 4, 2006
Pine Room, Davies Center

  1. We made about $100 on our bake sale
  2. Consensus was that the Conference was a success
    • Met students from UW-Milwaukee & may do project with them next year
    • Learned that we can recruit freshmen and sophomore honor students to get them involved though they can’t technically be member until junior year
  3. Discussed scholarships and decided that Chelsey will write people’s points on the applications so that they can be figured into decision
    • Next year will define what criteria is so that must be active member to be eligible for scholarship
  4. Upcoming events
    • April 11 th General meeting @ 6:30 in Alumni Room to discuss Grad Fair
    • April 26 th (Honors Week) Dr. Crothers will be doing a talk on personal statements @ 6pm
    • May 6 th (time TBA) visit pen pals @ Dove to play BINGO
    • Rather than having 2 separate meetings in May, we will have a combined meeting dedicated to discussing the Grad Fair
  5. Tom will be sending out information he gathered on what committees need to be formed for the Grad Fair
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