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Golden Key General Meeting Minutes
Wednesday, September 19, 2006
Badger Room, Davies Center

  1. Introductions and Attendance – Golden Key officers
    • Jim Hahn ~ President
    • Lori Scardino ~ Vice President
    • Gabrielle Siciliano ~ Secretary
    • Becky O'Brien ~ Service Chair
    • Leslie Sutton ~ Public Relations Specialist
    • Tom Hahn ~ Treasurer
    • Anne Meyer ~ Web Master
    • Kristina Hesse ~ Historian
    • Erik Rotvald ~ Advisor
    • Paula Stuettgen ~ Advisor
    • We briefly discussed that Golden Key will be implementing an attendance/point policy for our members to maintain involvement. More information to come.
  2. Upcoming Events
    • UWEC Graduate and Professional School Fair (Oct. 19th) 9:30-1:30pm
    • We looked at a list of 26 schools currently attending
    • Erik Rotvald did a whole bunch of planning over summer break to make this grad fair possible: working with career services, corresponding with schools, etc. KUDOS to him!
    • Here is the website with schools currently attending:
    • Omicron Delta Kappa (ODK) will also be helping out with this event!
    • Sign-up for various committees: We need your help! Please e-mail a committee chair if you would like to help out with a specific committee. We will be meeting in committees next week to get things moving, and the chairs will be sending out reminder e-mails. * denotes chair and co-chairs for committee
      • Registration ~ register admissions representatives the day of the fair, create a datbase of the schools represented, and follow-up thank you letter. Jim Hahn*(hahnjp), Kristina Hesse*, Becky O'Brien* Jeff Flemming (ODK) Emily Cooper (ODK)
      • Publicity ~ Table tents; spectator ad, News Bureau, signs around campus, chalking, send e-mails to professors/campus groups, invite students from UW- Stout Anne Meyer*(meyerar) ~ presented some ideas for the table tens and booklet Leslie Sutton* Abby Weber Bryan Rindfleisch (ODK and Golden Key) Tracy Skillman (ODK and Golden Key)
      • Publications/Floor Plan ~ Create a program or handout for people attending, create packet for reps, create a satisfaction survey Anne Meyer* Jen Schank* Laura Cavill Yi-woon NG (ODK)
      • Food and Hospitality ~ Organize breakfast and lunch for the admissions reps, and monitor break room/ dining area Gabrielle Siciliano* (siciligr), Chelsey Sutton* (suttonca), Paula Stuettgen Abby Weber Helen Bostock (ODK)
    • We examined a rough draft of a time line for the fair:

      Week of
      September 18
      ~ Letters of confirmation to registrants (continue sending as they come in)
      ~ Select food items and contract for breakfast, break and lunch items
      ~ Confirm facility set-up with Event Services
      ~ Work with News Bureau to create press release, psa’s for radio, TV and newspapers to announce our very first special event to students and the community – target releases to Eau Claire and Menomonie news outlets, INCLUDING CAMPUS OUTLETS
      September 25
      ~Complete logo/word mark “look” for publicity
      ~ Begin preparing banners, posters, reserve table tents, display cases, outdoor banner space and yard signs (Event Services can assist with reservations)
      ~ Get on agendas of appropriate departmental meetings
      October 2
      ~ Put out all posters, etc…...
      ~ Begin production of event program, including floor plan lay out for exhibitors
      October 9
      ~ More publicity, more confirmations to registrants, more work on getting the word out to students and faculty
      October 16
      ~ Confirm set ups, including exhibit lay-out, catering, attendance numbers for dining services
      ~ Prepare all registration materials
      ~ Final e-mail reminders to groups of students, faculty to announce to peers, classes
      ~ Event program complete and distributed ALL OVER CAMPUS (as well as available day of event)
      Event – October 19 @ 8 am
      ~ Registration teams in place
      ~ Site facilitators/floor mangers in place
      ~ Parking assistants in place
      ~ Directional signage in place
      ~ Prep break/dining area
  3. Fall induction October 28th
    • Nominations for Honorary Members
      • Every year Golden Key members have an opportunity to induct up to five honorary members. These honorary members can be from the community or campus, and they should represent Golden Key values of leadership, service, and scholar. Lori Scardino will be e-mailing everyone with a list of individuals nominated at this meeting. You will have the opportunity to vote by e-mail. Any questions please contact Lori at
    • Pianist Needed!
      • Traditionally at each induction ceremony we have a member of Golden Key play classical music before the ceremony starts. If you would be interested in sharing your musical talents at the ceremony please send Lori an e-mail at
  4. Service Event Updates
    • Becky O'Brien reported that last semsters Books For Africa book drive was a great success! We sent over 700 useable books to Africa and we raised $392.50 for our literacy funds. Is this something we would be interested in for this semester?
    • Special Olympics Bowling is going to be on November 11th at Hilltop
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